What Does a Fitness Trainer Do?

What does a fitness trainer do? A fitness trainer is someone that guides, teaches, and supports groups or individuals in fitness activities, such as cardiovascular exercises (exercise for the heart and lungs), weight training, and flexibility. They work with individuals of all levels and ages. Some fitness trainers are personal trainers, others are teachers and some are even sports coaches.

What does a fitness trainer do

In many ways, a fitness trainer’s role mirrors that of a doctor. Fitness trainers are responsible for prescribing and monitoring a client’s exercise programs. This includes what exercises to use and what frequency to perform them. Fitness trainers also help patients understand their fitness goals and devise realistic, effective exercise plans. They also instruct their clients on the correct way to use equipment and maintain proper form.

Some fitness trainers work solely with health clubs or hospitals. These fitness trainers will be found in the gym, at public health clubs, or in private offices of health clubs. Health clubs will often hire these instructors because they are well trained in health club standards. Sometimes, fitness trainers are hired exclusively by a specific health club. These instructors are usually employed through a contractual agreement between the club and the instructor.

Health clubs will pay the fitness trainer an hourly wage. This rate can vary according to the type of exercise the trainer is doing for the day. For example, a yoga instructor may make much less money per hour with a heavy workout session on a particular day than with a light session on another day. Health clubs will also hire a variety of different types of instructors, including physical therapists, nutritionists, and Pilates instructors. Most often, health clubs hire fitness trainers through a recruitment service. Recruitment services will send their best qualified candidates to a specific health club whenever they need them.

A lot of the time, fitness trainers will be under supervision of a qualified member of staff. The job of the fitness trainer will be to provide instruction and show equipment or books that will help the person exercise in the appropriate manner. Most fitness trainers will provide instructional sessions at their own workplace or have links to certain exercise equipment in the workplace.

Once the workout session has started, it will usually end with an exercise review. The fitness trainer will evaluate the exercise that the person has done. They will ask the individual questions about the progress they have made, such as how many calories they have burned and if they feel exhausted. Then, the trainer will give the individual feedback on their performance. If the individual needs to practice some exercises more than others, then they should be provided with extra equipment or a reminder to look for additional guidance. Feedback can be very positive or negative, but it is always appreciated.

Fitness trainers may also visit health clubs on a consistent basis. This is a great way to stay in shape and to meet new people who are interested in the same sport or exercise as the individual. Fitness trainers have the knowledge of when and where certain exercises are best done. Many individuals find that joining a gym can be intimidating and that they become intimidated by the size of the room and the number of people. A visit to the health club will allow the trainer to get to know the individual and see how they respond to the physical environment.

Finding a job as a fitness trainer can be challenging because most companies do not hire fitness professionals. However, if you are determined and have a passion for this career, there are plenty of jobs out there. The personal trainer pay is higher, but it may also include perks such as receiving a percentage of the workout or a credit towards an exercise class.